Friday, March 21, 2014

Top 4 Things to Buy from an Online Beauty Store

Online beauty stores gather a wide range of skin care products provided by different manufacturers. Customers have the opportunity to purchase their favorite brands taking advantage of great discounts, avoiding the crowd from brick and mortar stores, and having quick access to a large selection of items.


The concealer is one of the fastest solutions to mask dark circles, sunspots, small blemishes, and uneven face areas with little effort. The main purpose is to acquire a uniform skin color. The online stores specialized in beauty products provide all kinds of colors starting from the lightest option to the deepest one: pink and peach tones that beat the deep dark under-eye circles, yellow shades for normal dark circles, blue and green hues that cover broken veins, red blemishes, and pimples, and different shades similar to natural skin tones. Concealers can be purchased under several forms such as cream, stick, matte-finish, creamy liquid, and cream-to-powder.

The eye shadow

The eye shadow is a chic cosmetic applied on the eyelids, eyelid crease, and under the eyebrows. It is used to emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes, to improve the skin complexion, and to complement an elegant outfit. You can easily order online all types of eye shadow starting with the popular dry solid forms (a mix of powder and mica), and going to water-proof creams, gels, and mousse. It is known that the matte eye shadow has a higher concentration of pigment and works great for a dramatic evening makeup, the sheer eye shadow creates a sophisticated appearance and if you are looking for a glamorous look, the shimmer eye shadow is your best bet.


Blush is a type of makeup used to add color to cheeks and provide a healthy glow. It comes in many shades so that the wearers have the possibility to match the blush color with their natural skin tone. Online beauty stores offer all the available forms of blush: powder, cream, gel, tint, and liquid manufactured under well-known brands. Powder blush is mostly recommended for oily skin because they prevent an increase of skin moisture level due to their chemical formula. Cream blush works perfectly for dry skin because it moisturizes the surface, while the gel, tint, and liquid blushes are appropriate for both normal and oily skin. There also are cheek pencils rich in emollients and moisturizers, shimmers widely recommended to add a light glittering tone to your face, and tanners that darken the skin to provide a flattering tanned look.


Perfumes have a long story ever since the ancient times because people always wanted to smell good and be attractive. These days, the technology used by perfume manufacturers has been considerably improved but people’s goal remained the same.  Due to the magical powers of the internet, you have famous perfume brands like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, or Christian Dior at one click away. Online beauty stores come with a full list of fragrances such as citrus, oceanic, floral, woody, fruity, green, oriental, and spicy meant to satisfy all tastes and expectations.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Canadian Online Shopping Websites are Here!

Where are the best places for Canadian online shopping you ask? The best place are Canadian stores. Easy answer right?

So why is it that every time we go to buy something online, it ends up being an American company that ships to Canada?

And then to make matters worse, every time you do a search for Canadian Online Stores or Canadian Online shopping, the only thing that comes up is a bunch of directories and websites claiming to be Canadian shopping websites but they end up just listing  big box American retailers that ship to Canada!

Well your worries are over and we are so glad you've found us.

The Canadian Online Shopping Hub  is a Canadian online store that ships within and out of Canada to Canadians. All transactions and payment processing is in Canadian dollars! There are no custom fees and no lengthy wait times to have your products delivered to you. Why cause we're Canadian. 

We sell everything from makeup to clothes to hair products, perfume, color contact lenses and more.

All of our orders will ship out to you via Canada Post, FedEx or UPS Ground directly to your door. Shipping rates are all Canadian, based on your location and on occasion we even offer promos with free shipping. 

So then what is all the fuss about? Now you've found us, please spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and bookmark our store on your PC. Just click the link below to view our website and share with your friends...

Aren't you glad we wrote this article? We just couldn't resist. Now you have comfort in knowing that you do in fact truly have somewhere online and in Canada to shop for Canadian goods.

The Canadian Online Shopping Hub sells both beauty and fashion items so there is lot to choose from with over 1500 items in store, at any given time. Visit our store today. Check us out just for a minute. You will be happy you did. 
Thank you for supporting and sticking to your guns to do whatever it takes to find a Canadian business to shop at.

We look forward to serving our fellow Canadians and if you are an American shopper, we welcome you to shop with us also because we do ship internationally.Have a wonderful day Canada eh?

Canadian Shoppers