Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 Tips for Guys on How to Get the Ladies to Notice You

Some guys just naturally have what it takes to get girls to notice them while some do not. It's just a fact. There are as many different ways to attract a woman as there are women on the planet, so let's go over some basic rules that will win over any woman worth getting.

1. Your body language.

If “eyes are the windows to the soul”, your body language is more like a mirror. So be careful about how to move when you are with a woman since she will immediately pick up non-verbal cues implied by your body language. Apart from this a woman would also judge your comfort or interest level in her from the way you may be slightly leaning forward or sitting rigidly when sitting across her. Finally an upright but relaxed behavior can go a long way in making you appear healthy and confident while a slouching or restless posture might be interpreted negatively.

2. Your manners.

Finally there is still no substitute for good manners when it comes to making the right impression, the first time. Arriving on time to pick up your date, holding the door open for her and generally following the dictum ‘ladies first’ will not only mark you out as a gentleman in the best sense of the word but more importantly make her feel really special.

3. Work on your appearance.

Yes, it would be nice if girls didn't care how you dressed or cut your hair. But they do. Not only does it enhance or detract from your appearance, but it says something about whom and what you are. If you dress boring, people will think you're boring. So, check out your appearance and see if you're sending signals to the world about who you really are.

4. Be bold.

The guys who are bold and ready to take chances are the guys who always have a lot of fun and create interesting memories all the time. Girls always love a guy who’s bold enough to do something that many may consider embarrassing or awkward. Participate in something when she’s around, be it karaoke or a friendly competition between friends. Get her attention while doing something that catches attention and she’ll definitely be in awe of you.

5. Develop a sense of humor.

We all know girls love guys that can make them laugh. So, learn how to make them laugh. It's not impossible. Learn some jokes. Short jokes are best, because if a girl doesn't know you she may not wait for the punch line. Or start noticing things you think are funny so that you can relate them to others when talking. Keep mental notes. In short, do whatever it takes to teach you to make girls laugh. It'll work great in attracting her towards you.

Getting a girl to notice you is not that difficult if you apply these smart tips. Apart from these, just don’t forget to be yourself. Don’t over –do any of the above things. Keep this up, and the girl of your dreams will be yours! For more smart tips, grooming, makeovers or advice, feel free to visit us online and connect with our style experts for some tips to make your apperanace shine by visiting us at, where beautiful people shop!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is a Stressful Life Causing Your Hair Loss?

Many people these days wonder whether stress and hair loss are related. Many experts have proven that stress does indeed cause hair loss in many people.

Stress can be associated with three types of hair loss:

· Alopecia areata. One of the major causes of alopecia areata is stress. Alopecia areata occurs as a result of white blood cells attacking the hair follicles, thus inhibiting hair growth.

· Telogen effluvium. This condition occurs due to physical and emotional stress causing a shift from growth phase to resting phase in normal growing hairs. As a result, hair begins to fall off while washing or combing the hair in just within a few months.

· Trichotillomania. Stress may cause numerous bad habits to occur in people such as nail biting, constant fidgeting and hair pulling. Many people resort to hair pulling in response to stressful situations, from the scalp and even other regions of the body such as the eyebrows.

Good news is that stress and hair loss is not permanent. You can reverse your hair loss problems by considering a few lifestyle changes instead of worrying about your hair loss and supplementing your stress levels even more.

Maintain a proper diet

A diet enriched with B complex vitamins, vitamin A, C and E can keep your mood positive and benefit your hair at the same time. Additionally, magnesium, iron and selenium can help prevent hair loss that occurs due to stress. Make sure you do not stay away from fats completely and include good fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids that improve hair health and keep you in good shape. Experts only recommend dietary supplements if the nutritional sources are not sufficient.


Exercise is one of the best ways to control stress as the endorphins that are produced in your body while exercising will lift your mod and provide you with instant energy to work better. Try to include at least 3 days of exercise into your routine to improve your overall health which improving your scalp health as well. Cardio exercises such as walking in the park, swimming or rowing are excellent ways to ward off stress. You can also consider joining a yoga class to relieve emotional stress.


It is important that you get at least eight hours of continuous shut eye every night in order to let your body recover from daily stress. Proper rest not only improves your hair health but is an excellent means of achieving a natural skin glow and energetic day ahead. Try to set up a routine that does not tamper with your sleep time and if you have to work overtime, make sure you compensate your sleep time in the day ahead.

Give your body time to recover after childbirth or surgery

It is very important that you do not physically stress your body after childbirth, a major illness or surgery in order to prevent hair loss. Physical stress, like mental stress can easily interfere with the growth cycle of your hair and increase the likelihood of hair shedding.

Check your hormone levels

If you suspect that your hair fall problems began after childbirth or after starting oral contraception, see your doctor and get your hormone levels diagnosed. Most cases of hair fall occur as a result of physical stress during childbirth, but some experts state that hormonal changes may be a cause as well.

Consider Getting a Custom Hair Wig

There are many place that you order realistic hairpieces or even have custom made wigs designed in Human hair to help you get back your confidence and have a healthy head of beautiful flowing locks that look just like or in some cases better than your own hair. Places like Hair & Beauty Canada can help you by designing a custom made wig that fits perfectly and looks like your own natural hair.

If you feel that you hair fall problems are not occurring due to physical or emotional stress, if your hair fall problems remain persistent or if you are experiencing patchy hair loss, it is important that you consult your doctor as you may be suffering from alopecia areata. Alopecia areata may be triggered by stress as well and sometimes medical treatment is required to treat the condition.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moroccan Oil Can Grow Your Hair

Moroccan oil is also commonly known as Argan oil as it is acquired from the Argan trees in Morocco. Argan oil is derived from the kernels contained in the Argan tree fruits. The tree is very rare and is only grown in certain places like Morocco. Moroccan oil is therefore considered to be one of the rarest oils in the world due to the limited growth space and small supply.

Moroccan oil holds numerous hair benefits such as natural moisturizing, damage control and protection from UV light. Moroccan hair oil is suitable for all hair types and can benefit both men and women alike. Additionally, Moroccan oil does not leave greasy deposits on the hair and naturally nourishes it without the need for chemical treatments and damaging detergents.

The most important aspect of Argan oil is that it can dramatically increase hair growth. Her are some other benefits of Moroccan oil and why you should buy it to optimize your hair health:

Naturally reduces frizz and moisturizes the hair

Moroccan oil is chosen by many people around the globe because it naturally moisturizes their hair, nourishes it and prevents frizz at the same time. Many people like to link the moisturizing benefits of Argan oil similar to those of olive oil or coconut oil. For those who have not achieved best results with basic oils, perhaps it is time you consider massaging your scalp and hair with Moroccan oil. This oil is especially designed for those people with naturally coarse hair and African-American hair types. Women with hair that seems dry or damaged due to hair dyes may also benefit from Argan oil. Moreover, the oil prevents the hair from getting frizzy the whole day.The moisturizing factor of Moroccan oil maintains damage free hair without frizz or split ends. This makes it an excellent treatment for women who frequently blow dry, iron or curl their hair. Therefore, many hair experts suggest using Moroccan oil as it reduces heat damage and makes the hair easier to manage.

Gives your hair a Natural Shine

Moroccan oil is an excellent substitute for hairsprays as it maintains the style of the hair and keeps it shiny all day long. Frequent use of hairsprays also leads to chemical buildup in the hair which can be very damaging in the long run. Therefore, try spraying some Moroccan oil on your hair to make it look naturally soft and shiny.

Protects Your Hair From Damage

Moroccan oil contains vitamins and nutrients which are needed for proper hair growth and hair protection. The vitamins also keep the hair healthy and strong. Some of the vitamins contained in Argan oil include vitamin E and vitamin F which offer UV ray protection from the sun. Moroccan also contains phenols, carotenes and a blend of fatty acids including linoleic acid and oleic acid.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase Morrocan Oil as well as many other Argon Hair Care Products directly from our store. If there is a particular hair care product, that you are looking for, please contact us directly for more information.

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