Friday, May 24, 2013

Make Up Tips for Contact Lense Wearers

Wearing contact lenses and wearing makeup at the same time is natural and safe provided that you follow a few basic tips when you plan on wearing the two together. 

As always, you should wash your hands and use tools to apply your make up that have been washed or disinfected. 

Your eyes are very important and you need to keep them healthy. Makeup can carry lots of bacteria so it's very important the your makeup does not get mixed in with your contact lenses. 

Apply your eye make up before you put on your lenses. Wait a few minutes for your makeup to dry and then wash your hands. Insert your contact lenses after the makeup has been applied. 

When you ready to remove your contact lenses, please remove your makeup first, then again wash your hands, remove your lenses, thoroughly clean your contact lens case and store your lenses. Repeat this procedure every time you wear makeup and contacts. 

Enjoy the look of brighter looking eyes by mixing colors based on the contact lens color. Blue colored contacts look great with purple and grey eyeshadow! Have fun experimenting with your makeup colors and your eye color. Its a lot of fun!

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