Friday, July 5, 2013

The Cave Man Regimen Acne Cure

Caveman Regimen for Skin

Have you ever wondered that for most of you, your acne is caused by internal factors rather than external ones? We’re not talking about a simple zit or a pimple that pops out on our skin when we spend too much time out in the polluted environment, we are talking about the acne that is serious and dangerous and that stays on our skin forever.

This is a common observation that as soon as we hit puberty, our face starts taking this ugly, monster look that is covered with nothing but pimples and not to forget; all sizes and kinds of pimples. For some lucky people, the acne disappears in a couple of months or a year or so but for some of us, this acne haunts us for a good old time. Here, is where “Caveman Regimen” comes in.

What is Cavemen Regimen?

The theory behind this idea is fairly simple and can be proved using scientific ideas. When we hit puberty, our skin develops something that is termed as “acid mantle”. This acid mantle is basically a protective covering around our skin that is made up of sebum and sweat. This is a God gifted protection layer that protects our skin from bacteria and other harmful elements that can harm the skin. It’s acidic in nature with 5.5 as it’s pH.

This means that even if you don’t use all sorts of expensive products on your face in the hopes of getting rid of that acne, your natural skin care will take care of that acne.

When we use too many much artificial products, you are stripping your skin of the natural oils and acid mantle that it produces to protect your skin. That is why your face is the only area where you get acne and not on other body parts. These skin care products mess around with your face’s natural PH and produce acne by disturbing it.
How to use Cavemen Regimen?

You probably would have gotten the idea by now. The Cavemen Regimen requires you to throw away all those beauty products and use nothing on your face, not even water. Sounds creepy, right?

For some people, using water during Cavemen Regimen is perfectly fine but the actual idea doesn't allow water because tap water itself has many chemicals that affect your skin. It also dries up the skin and then forces you to use a moisturizer. Therefore, logical thinking is to not use even water.

As you stop using water, you will notice that after some time your face will develop some bits of dead skin. This dead skin is the layer that will protect your underneath new skin from the outside factors.

After a month or so, you can remove that dead mask with a wet cloth or cotton for skin as perfect and smooth as that of a baby. What are your thoughts?

For more information about skin care or products in the fight against acne, please feel free to contact us or send us your ideas on skin care tips. We would love to hear from you!

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