Thursday, November 28, 2013

Circle Lenses

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What are circle lenses?

Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that gained a huge popularity on the Asian continent. They are also called the big eye contact lenses due to their feature to make the eye’s iris to look larger. Wearing circle lenses is one of the latest trends in China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, as well as in the North America and Europe. As always, celebrities are the first who adopt every new fashionable accessory. Lady Gaga exposed her circle lenses in the “Bad Romance” video. The circle lenses are decorative lenses that do not affect the vision so that a lot of people wear them under their usual glasses.

Circle lenses and colored contact lenses

You might ask yourself if there is any difference between circle lenses and colored contact lenses. Yes, there are enough differences. The most obvious is that the circle lenses have a large black ring which widens the iris. Colored contact lenses change the eye color and are designed to reproduce the natural look of iris, but do not make it bigger. Colored lenses are manufactured in two forms: for medical prescription to correct eye disorders like astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia, and for cosmetic goal, while the circle lenses are available only for decorative purposes. Circle lenses have a wider range of colors per design (up to 8) than the colored contacts.

Circle lenses characteristics

The circle lenses are sold in different diameters varying from 14 mm to 15 mm, larger sizes are considered dangerous for the eye’s safety. Some labels of the product refer to the visual effect when mention diameters of 16 to 18 mm. The life span ranges from 9 to 12 months, with a daily use of no longer than 8 hours. Differently from the usual contact lenses, circle lenses require additional amounts of eye drops for moisturizing the eyes. Circle lenses are susceptible to retain proteins on the surface that create discomfort. This is the reason why you have to pay serious attention to hygiene. There are cleaning kits especially designed for removing proteins and deposits from the circle lens. A proper hygiene has to be maintained on a daily basis and by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to choose your circle lenses?

When you start looking for a pair of circle lenses, do not take into account only the diameter. The design of the outer ring is also important for the enlargement effect. Good quality lenses provide both enlargement effects and natural look. Choose a color that is compatible with the natural color of your iris. If you have brown eyes choose a model with yellowish dots placed around the pupil’s area. It offers a good blending effect between eye and lens. For light eye colors, circle lenses colored in blue, grey, or green blends very well and intensify the eye appearance. One more thing: no matter how great your circle lenses are, remove them before you go to sleep.

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