Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hair Extensions, Which Type is Best for You?

Choose the best hair extension according to your face shape:

Whenever you go to an expert hair stylist for your makeover, they always cut your hair according to your face shape. An expert knows which hairstyle will suit on you according to your height, weight and face shape.

An expert hair stylist can guide you better about the length of your hair or the other cutting styles which suits your personality. So whenever you adopt a new hairstyle, it’s better to consult with your hair stylist. They can guide you in the most appropriate manner about the most suitable hair style for your personality.
"A hairstyle can make or break your look," says stylist Cesare Safieh.

Most of the women cringe when they have to trim their hair because whenever you trim your hair, you lose several inches of your hair length. You will be aware of the fact that Non regular trimming of hair cause split ends and in such case the hair not get longer in length. Options are available for short hair women as they can use extensions to add more beauty in their looks or style.

Extensions are available in various styles or types and the main selection of right hair extension become difficult for the user. You must be aware of the basic types of hair extensions before making the final decision of choosing hair extensions for you. Better to select hair extensions according to your physical appearance so choose the right one to get a glamorous look.

It is very much important to choose the right hairstyle because a wrong hair style for wrong face shape can cause disaster to the beauty. Hair styling is probably all about shape and geometry. A lot of ways are available to check out the shape of your face. Most common face shapes are the following:

  • Oval face shape
  • Round face shape
  • Square face shape
  • Heart face shape
  • Triangular face shape
  • Diamond face shape
  • Oblong face shape

Take your photo and find the exact shape of your face and then explore the right hairstyle .If you have rounded face then the long and wavy hairstyles are the best option to choose but if you have short height then should cut hairstyles will be more appropriate for you. The same method is followed for choosing the hair extensions for your hair styling.

Hair extensions are available in two types known as human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Human hair extensions are purely made up of human hairs whereas the synthetic hair wigs are made up of fiber. The main difference in between these two types is their quality and price. Synthetic wigs are available at low cost whereas the human hair wigs are costly.

So if you are finding the best hair extension sources then I will advise you to avail the online services. Best quality hair extensions are available on very affordable rates and if you are the resident of Toronto then you can get wigs Toronto at cheap prices. Choose the right one and make you look more attractive and stunning.

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