Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Get A Flat Belly Fast

Flat-Belly Exercise

The following workout is an effective means of getting into shape as it not only focuses on your abs, its tones the other muscles in your body too. Plank This will not only tone your core but strengthen and tighten you arms, thighs and butt. To perform a plank, follow these steps: 1. Place a mat on the flow and kneel down on all fours. Keep your hands under your shoulders 2. Stretch your leg backwards—one at a time – this should form a push-up position. Engage the muscles in your abs 3. Make sure your body is extended properly and kept straight. You hips should not sag or your butt should not be kept high. Engage you abs as if a belt is compressing around your waist and drawing in your abs muscles 4. Keep your hands on the mat and press firmly and strongly. Maintain this position for as long as you can or at least 1-2 minutes and drop back on all fours 5. Repeat the procedure 3 times

Side Plank 

This will tone your waistline and prevent bulges formed due to bras. 1. Continue from your plank position. Use your right hand to press firmly on the mat and turn your body so that the left hand and left foot are free and on top 2. Pretend that there is a big beach ball beneath the right side of your body, which is opposite to the ground. Extend your left arm so that the fingers are towards the sky and press your torso away from the imaginary beach ball 3. Engage your entire core and tighten the muscles in your lower abs 4. Hold on to this position for 60 seconds and return to plank position on all fours 5. Switch sides and do 3 reps, each consisting of both sides

Boat Pose 

This exercise will get rid of your stubborn belly pooch. 1. Sit on your mat with your knees bent. Keep your hands on the ground with your feet flat on your mat 2. Position yourself in a V shape with your body leaned backwards and legs lifted and extended 3. Engage your abs muscles, relax your shoulders, and keep your back straight with your chest lifted 4. Engage your inner thighs while extending your legs. 5. Hold on to this position for 5 slow and deep breaths 6. Lower your legs and perform 3 repetitions

Scale Pose 

The scale pose strengthens the pelvic floor of your body. To perform the scale pose, follow these steps: 1. Sit on your mat in a cross legged position. Make sure you are comfortable 2. Place your hands on the mat, right next to your hips 3. Now stress your pelvic floor and tighten it as if you are about to pee 4. Push your hands firmly on the ground and lift your body from the mat. Everything but your hands should be floating 5. Hold on to this position for 3 breaths and then come back down. This can be challenging for many people, therefore, if you are finding it difficult to lift yourself, you may practice with your feet on the ground and your butt lifted upwards 6. Perform 3 reps

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