Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moroccan Oil Can Grow Your Hair

Moroccan oil is also commonly known as Argan oil as it is acquired from the Argan trees in Morocco. Argan oil is derived from the kernels contained in the Argan tree fruits. The tree is very rare and is only grown in certain places like Morocco. Moroccan oil is therefore considered to be one of the rarest oils in the world due to the limited growth space and small supply.

Moroccan oil holds numerous hair benefits such as natural moisturizing, damage control and protection from UV light. Moroccan hair oil is suitable for all hair types and can benefit both men and women alike. Additionally, Moroccan oil does not leave greasy deposits on the hair and naturally nourishes it without the need for chemical treatments and damaging detergents.

The most important aspect of Argan oil is that it can dramatically increase hair growth. Her are some other benefits of Moroccan oil and why you should buy it to optimize your hair health:

Naturally reduces frizz and moisturizes the hair

Moroccan oil is chosen by many people around the globe because it naturally moisturizes their hair, nourishes it and prevents frizz at the same time. Many people like to link the moisturizing benefits of Argan oil similar to those of olive oil or coconut oil. For those who have not achieved best results with basic oils, perhaps it is time you consider massaging your scalp and hair with Moroccan oil. This oil is especially designed for those people with naturally coarse hair and African-American hair types. Women with hair that seems dry or damaged due to hair dyes may also benefit from Argan oil. Moreover, the oil prevents the hair from getting frizzy the whole day.The moisturizing factor of Moroccan oil maintains damage free hair without frizz or split ends. This makes it an excellent treatment for women who frequently blow dry, iron or curl their hair. Therefore, many hair experts suggest using Moroccan oil as it reduces heat damage and makes the hair easier to manage.

Gives your hair a Natural Shine

Moroccan oil is an excellent substitute for hairsprays as it maintains the style of the hair and keeps it shiny all day long. Frequent use of hairsprays also leads to chemical buildup in the hair which can be very damaging in the long run. Therefore, try spraying some Moroccan oil on your hair to make it look naturally soft and shiny.

Protects Your Hair From Damage

Moroccan oil contains vitamins and nutrients which are needed for proper hair growth and hair protection. The vitamins also keep the hair healthy and strong. Some of the vitamins contained in Argan oil include vitamin E and vitamin F which offer UV ray protection from the sun. Moroccan also contains phenols, carotenes and a blend of fatty acids including linoleic acid and oleic acid.

Where to Purchase

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