Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 Tips for Guys on How to Get the Ladies to Notice You

Some guys just naturally have what it takes to get girls to notice them while some do not. It's just a fact. There are as many different ways to attract a woman as there are women on the planet, so let's go over some basic rules that will win over any woman worth getting.

1. Your body language.

If “eyes are the windows to the soul”, your body language is more like a mirror. So be careful about how to move when you are with a woman since she will immediately pick up non-verbal cues implied by your body language. Apart from this a woman would also judge your comfort or interest level in her from the way you may be slightly leaning forward or sitting rigidly when sitting across her. Finally an upright but relaxed behavior can go a long way in making you appear healthy and confident while a slouching or restless posture might be interpreted negatively.

2. Your manners.

Finally there is still no substitute for good manners when it comes to making the right impression, the first time. Arriving on time to pick up your date, holding the door open for her and generally following the dictum ‘ladies first’ will not only mark you out as a gentleman in the best sense of the word but more importantly make her feel really special.

3. Work on your appearance.

Yes, it would be nice if girls didn't care how you dressed or cut your hair. But they do. Not only does it enhance or detract from your appearance, but it says something about whom and what you are. If you dress boring, people will think you're boring. So, check out your appearance and see if you're sending signals to the world about who you really are.

4. Be bold.

The guys who are bold and ready to take chances are the guys who always have a lot of fun and create interesting memories all the time. Girls always love a guy who’s bold enough to do something that many may consider embarrassing or awkward. Participate in something when she’s around, be it karaoke or a friendly competition between friends. Get her attention while doing something that catches attention and she’ll definitely be in awe of you.

5. Develop a sense of humor.

We all know girls love guys that can make them laugh. So, learn how to make them laugh. It's not impossible. Learn some jokes. Short jokes are best, because if a girl doesn't know you she may not wait for the punch line. Or start noticing things you think are funny so that you can relate them to others when talking. Keep mental notes. In short, do whatever it takes to teach you to make girls laugh. It'll work great in attracting her towards you.

Getting a girl to notice you is not that difficult if you apply these smart tips. Apart from these, just don’t forget to be yourself. Don’t over –do any of the above things. Keep this up, and the girl of your dreams will be yours! For more smart tips, grooming, makeovers or advice, feel free to visit us online and connect with our style experts for some tips to make your apperanace shine by visiting us at, where beautiful people shop!

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