Thursday, October 17, 2013

All About Corsets & Ladies Fashion

At Sheniko, our shoppers love to buy corsets. Why, you ask?

Well, before starting to look for reasons, let’s answer to a simple question: “what is a corset?” The corset is part of women’s clothing since the 15th century. It reached the days of glory during the 19th century and met the decline after the 1920's. Corsets had periodic revivals especially in haute couture being used more as outerwear than underwear. These days corset began to gain popularity and lots of women associate this garment with elegance and glamour. A corset is made of cotton, satin, or leather holding the torso from the hips up to the chest. The material is stiffened with boning made of steel, plastic, cane, or ivory. The corset is tightened on the body with the lacing placed at the back. A sturdy front clasp helps you to put on or pull off the corset quickly.

How did corsets survive over the time?

Women’s clothing changed and evolved continuously over time because women always wanted to look perfect and be attractive. How did the corset survive? Well, the answer relies on its main effects: makes the waist thinner, holds the breasts, and improves the body’s position. The result is equal to femininity, beauty, and attraction. There are also many other reasons such as physical and mental benefits why corsets returned among women’s clothing.

The physical benefits of wearing corsets

The physical benefits are especially related to the skeletal and muscular systems. Corsets correct posture, give lumbar support during the long working hours in front of the computer, reshape the body, and redistribute the weight preventing knees issues or other skeletal problems. Many women who suffered injuries in car accidents deal much better with back pains while wearing corsets. Scoliosis and hernias are two disorders that can be stopped from worsening by the help of corset. For singers the corset is an accessory which enables them to achieve higher notes. During motorcycling and horse-riding a lot of women consider that wearing corsets is pretty sexy. In fact, besides the sexy look there is an important medical aspect: kidneys are held in the proper position and organs like uterus, rectum, pancreas, and duodenum are protected against injuries.

The post-partum use of corsets

Certainly you heard about Jessica Alba’s corsets that helped her to get back into shape after she gave birth to her daughters. The post-partum use of corset became a trend not only among VIP new mums. Why? because the corset speeds up the healing of the abdominal muscles which have been over stretched during the last months of pregnancy. It is known that many doctors recommend the usage of corsets in order to push back together the abdominal muscles. In fact, the new mommy kills two birds with one stone: regains her great shape and the muscles are cured. In general, in post pregnancy the corset is worn respecting a tight lacing program, combined with abdominal exercises.

Mental impacts

The corset changes positively the overall appearance of the body. A lot of women who used to have low self esteem and a poor image about their body, recognized that wearing corset push up the self-image. You should not be surprised to find out that the eating habits can be “controlled” by corset. This good looking garment judges your diet and warns you when is too much food on the table. The corset is an efficient aid for weight loss and appetite control. Depression and anxiety are two disorders that affect women of all ages. Again corsets give a hand to women. The pressure exerted on the abdomen prevents nausea and stomach struggling, and confers a feeling of security and calm. Moreover, women who have been the victims of physical or sexual abuses, feel comfortable and safe when wear corset which is perceived as a shield against unwanted physical contact or aggression.

Corsets shape your waistline

Apart from all the reasons written above, it must be highlighted the main reason of wearing a corset: reduces the waistline and focuses attention on the bustline. If you choose the right corset for your body type, you get rid of 2 to 4 inches of waist instantly. Dresses, skirts and other women’s clothing look much better with a corset underneath. Certainly, the sexy lingerie corset is in the top of many clients’ preferences. To sum up, women wear corsets for a slimmer silhouette, to beat the back pains and recover after the pregnancy period, to feel confident and protected, and most of all to look great and be admired.

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