Monday, October 21, 2013

How to Get Lighter Skin

How to lighten your skin and fade dark spots

For many people, dark spots are a very big problem when it comes to their skin complexion. Having dark spots is not only annoying but also embarrassing – for example, your facial skin could be light but your armpits may be dark despite your efforts to keep it clean and shaven. If you think that you are in a hopeless situation take heart because there are still ways to lighten skin that has a tendency to darken.

One way to lighten your darkening skin is to identify what your real skin color is. If you are using whitening products on other parts of your body, such as your face, but don’t use the same whitening products on other parts of your body then it is simply natural that your skin would turn dark when left untreated. Some women are in a hurry to get lighter skin but that won’t be easy if you are naturally dark (such as if you have African blood). You may have to determine how white or light you intend to become all over so that you don’t look like a giraffe.

A good dermatologist may be able to refer you to some treatments that are good enough to induce skin whitening in problem areas. Take note that it is often good to get those treatments under the care of a qualified dermatologist in case the treatments are very strong. One treatment that dermatologists do often recommend is the use of fruits or vegetables that have some acids to act as natural whiteners. Have you ever tried to apply tomatoes to your skin? This is a gentle form of treatment which is quite safe. However, some women are not keen on using fruit or vegetable acids because they don’t work very fast – and some women are really in a hurry to get lighter skin so they may turn down this option.

Some deodorant manufacturers may recommend sunflower oil as a skin whitening treatment. If you want to try this out, you can actually buy their deodorant products to see if this works for you. Or maybe you can find a dermatologist who can use a stronger formulation. Be sure that you inform the dermatologist if you feel a strong burning sensation upon use of any products because you might be allergic to some ingredients without knowing this in advance.

One commercially available product that has been proven to really help smoothen and lighten skin is called Tretinoin. You can ask your dermatologist if this is suitable for you. One side effect of using Tretinoin is that the skin where it was applied may tend to become sensitive to sunlight and abrasions so you will have to treat the skin with care once you embark on a Tretinoin application program.

Whatever you opt to do to erase your dark skin areas, be sure that you give the product enough time to work. Many women get badly burned when they get impatient and put on more of the product because they think that this will hasten the lightening process. Given enough time, you may wind up getting the right shade of lightened skin if you do the treatment the right way.

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