Monday, February 17, 2014

Tints Found in Color Contact Lenses

Colored lenses are divided into three main categories according to the level of tints included into their composition. The colored contacts with visibility tints have almost no impact on your eye color. They are light green or blue and allow an easier handling during the process of  inserting and removing.

Contact lenses with enhancement tints are used to accentuate the original color of the eye and they are darker than the ones with visibility tints. If you think that your dark eyes are not dark enough, these lenses give you a hand.

The last category and probably the most wanted are represented by the opaque colored contacts. The opaque (non-transparent) tints incorporated into these contacts change in depth your eye color. The natural color is completely altered and you acquire an entirely new look. The theatrical contact lenses that create a supernatural glance (ghosts, demons, or vampires) are considered a subcategory of this type of opaque contacts. They are usually used in various plays at the theatre but you can try a pair too at a Halloween party, for example.

There is a large variety of opaque colored contacts such as dark brown, hazel, violet, dark blue, deep green, gray, amethyst, and various other color contacts. When it comes to talking about how to select your colored contacts, the main point is that you may choose any color you want. However, it never hurts to take into consideration the natural eye color.

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