Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

A pair of flattering, long eye lashes is the dream of every woman.Eyes are usually the first feature of a woman that captures attention in the middle of a crowd. Every woman puts a lot of creativity and time into making her eyes look perfect. Be it the eye shadow, or the eyelashes; we always make sure to keep it sexy.

For decades, women have been shopping for eyelashes and wearing false eye lash or the improved Human Hair Faux Lashes to get that sensual show girl look.
The good news, is that the beauty industry has taken fake lashes one step further and created eyelash extensions. So, if you are not blessed with a pair of ravishing long eye lashes, you can get eyelash extensions fixed above your real eyelashes to get the long lashes you have always dreamed of. These eye lash extensions are emerging as a rage among the women from all over the world. The prettiness and charm added by a perfect pair of eyelashes is unprecedented by any other cosmetic.

What Are Eye Lash Extensions?
Eye lash extensions have to be fixed over your real eyelashes. Once the procedure is complete, only the long artificial ones are visible to others, and your real lashes are not. These semi – permanent eye lashes stay for about three weeks to a month after which they start coming down. The women who have already used these eye lashes have loved the experience. Flaunting those perfect eyelashes makes you feel amazing about yourself.

How can You get Eye Lash Extensions?
You can contact any artificial eye lash clinic in your vicinity to get a pair of wonderful eye lash extension. The procedure must be carried out with care, thus you must select the clinic wisely. It takes almost 90 minutes to fix the eye lashes and you have to keep your eyes closed during that period. Once it is done, you have to be careful about the maintenance of these eye lashes so that they don’t come down.

Some After- application Tips:
  • You must not let water touch your eye lash extensions for at least 24 hours after applying.
  • Avoid doing a lot of exercise or running because excessive moisture can make these eye lashes stick to each other.
  • Don’t try to pull out these eye lash extensions even if you are feeling itchy or irritated. Get them removed only by a professional.
  • Style them carefully. Ask your eye lash expert for styling tips. You must avoid using oil based cosmetics because they may lead to sticking of the lashes together or loosening of the adhesive bond that keeps them fixed to your lashes.
Choosing a Reputable Eye Lash Salon is Very Important!
Getting perfect eye lashes sounds really exciting, but you must not select any spa or salon to get them fixed. You must research extensively and go for a salon that is famous for eye lash extensions. Going for cluster eye lashes is not a very good option; instead, you should get the single eye lash extensions that are fixed on the top of every single eye lash of yours.
So, what are you waiting for? Go get those wonderful lashes and let your eyes shine!

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