Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How to Use a Kabuki Brush to Apply Makeup

With so many makeup brushes flooding the market, one tends to get overwhelmed about how to use which one. A Kabuki brush is one such interesting brush which confuses many ladies about how they can use it. In this article, we will help you in knowing what is a kabuki brush, how to use it and how to score a cheap good quality Kabuki brush on the internet.
What is a Kabuki Brush?
A Kabuki brush derives its name from traditional Japanese Kabuki theatres which were known for its dramatic performances and artists with highly elaborated makeup. In present days, a Kabuki brush is a big fluffy brush which is used mostly for cheek products like powder, contour or bronzers
What types of Kabuki Brushes exist and how to use them?
Three types of Kabuki Brushes are available in the market. 
  1. Rounded Kabuki Brush
A rounded Kabuki Brush is a big dense brush with a rounded top. This is mostly used for pigmented powder products to be blended in the skin. These work really amazingly in working with powder blushes. You can buy this Black Retractable Kabuki Brush kabuki brushat Hair and Beauty Canadal. It is a really good quality affordable kabuki brush.
    2. Flat Kabuki Brush
Flat Kabuki brushes are big and dense with a flat top. These are used for application and proper blending of foundations or tinted moisturizers into the skin. These work wonders to make your base makeup look flawless.
  3. Angled Kabuki Brush
An angled Kabuki brush has an angular top. It is used to create angles with pigmented products on your cheeks. This works really well with creating darker contours in the hollow of your cheeks, sides of your nose and below your jawline. This is an amazing contouring brush! 

Whether you're a beginner to makeup or a pro, you would agree to the value of good quality makeup tools for a flawless makeup look. Do not flinch from buying these cheap makeup brushes online that are really good quality from Hair & Beauty Canada.

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