Monday, January 23, 2012

Colored Contacts for More Beautiful Eyes

No-matter your current color—brown, blue or green—colored contact lenses are an easy and affordable method of changing one’s personal image and is a practice enjoyed on a daily basis by people from all walks of life.

Contact lenses, composed of soft, oxygen-permeable polymers, are worn on the cornea and used for corrective and cosmetic purposes, the latter being the focus of this article. If you’re curious about using colored contacts, here are a few basic facts. Three tints form the basis of colored contacts: visibility, enhancement and opaque color. Visibility tints are generally a subtle blue or green hue designed to aid the user in inserting, removing or otherwise locating the lens.

Deciding the proper color depends upon your objectives. If you have light skin and light eye color, a warm-toned hue might be most effective. If you have dark or brown skin, colors such as gray, hazel and violet are good options. If you are not sure, always ask the opinion of someone you trust or take a few photos of yourself to get a realistic perception of what colors look best on you before committing to one color or another.

Non prescription colored contacts are the way to go for people wanting to change their looks. You can
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