Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Become A Model

Many people dream of having a modeling career- livings as a high profile symbol of beauty and enjoying a life of excitement, fame and luxury while earning a great deal of money.

If you are one of those seeking out this career, there is one thing that you should never forget-behind the glamor, glitz and high income lies the reality that this field is challenging, highly competitive and relatively restrictive with regards to acceptable physical characteristics even though this is slowly changing.

In the not too distant past, only a narrow range of people were deemed model quality, which meant being tall, thin and angular, presenting body types and images of beauty attainable by only a narrow segment of the populace. For those considering modeling, today's industry portrays a much wider diversity of body types and widening standards of what is considered beautiful opening doors to people who would have never had a chance in this career years ago.

Healthy Appearance, Features and Symmetry

Regardless of your body type and modeling aspirations, there are certain characteristics all models should bring to the table. Perhaps the most important is being healthy or giving the appearance of health. Height, weight, complexion and hair quality, head to toe body symmetry and other subtle subjective features are taken into consideration.

Types of Modeling

Catwalks Models are perhaps the highest profile models, displaying fashions while strutting along catwalks in high heels amongst the glare of flashing cameras. Body types most successful in this category are tall (over 5"8),thin and small to moderate breast sizes.Glamorous and lucrative as field, it is also very grueling and demanding.

Underwear models can be of varying sizes, yet generally tend to have larger breasts and slender hips. However, more and more plus sized people are being seen in today's fashion magazines, so don't be discouraged if you are not stick-thin and small breasted.

Plus sized models reflect the growing number of curvaceous and fuller bodied people who have been made to feel less than beautiful in the full range of desired traits, don't give up on your modeling career dreams. There is a robust field of modeling involving body parts, hands, feet, and hair as well as other body features such as eyes, ears, etc.

Head Shots, Body Shots and Comp Cards

Agencies will insist you provide them with pictures of yourself in order for them to judge your modeling potential for the truth is, the camera does not favor everyone, and the camera doesn't lie. Depending on your body type and photogenic characteristics, the camera can actually add weight to your appearance. Head shots and composition cards which are a collection of different shots on one page, are also required at auditions and should always be near at hand in case they are requested. Recommendation: invest in a professional photographer and shun snap shots, even if agencies say snap shots are acceptable. Generally, one good booking will more than pay for the cost of a professional shoot and head shot printing.

So what else can you do? Research reputable modeling agencies. The key word here is reputable. There are many businesses advertising as modeling agencies that are in truth nothing more than scams seeking income streams from the uninformed via offers of expensive, never ending modeling classes and other too good to be true promises. Reputable agencies never charge you a fee for representation, their income comes from you booking you - wherein they withdraw anywhere from a 7-15 percent fee. If you want to take classes, ask your agency where to take proven classes.

Be professional. Whether the project is large or small in scale, if you are wanted for an audition or are booked both client and agency have invested time and money in you and expect you to perform. This means always being punctual, arriving prepared if there is no makeup artist involved, knowing your lines and not causing problems. Perhaps the most important trait you possess other than physical characteristics is your reputation which once damaged can almost never be prepared.

These five areas of consideration will help you better define your modeling aspiration and provide guidance in realization of your modeling career goals. There is a lot of information we have not covered here, so please do more research before entering this career or any other.

Dreaming of being a model? Go for it. Contemporary models reflect a range of sizes, heights, skin and hair colors and there is every expectation that diversity in the modeling field will continue expanding. Therefore never fret, that you aren't that thin super model type; with hard work, determination and a bit of luck, you never know how far you can go in your dream of being a model.


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