Friday, May 5, 2017

Jon Renau is a leading company in the hair and wigs industry. Their credo is to create products that ensure the customers’ well-being and respond to a wide range of needs. The ingredients that made Jon Renau Wigs a brand famous all across the world are attention to details, innovation, different styles designed for all face shapes and a large palette of colors.
Manufactured using an advanced technology, Jon Renau Smart Lace Wig collection comes with a beautiful selection of high quality ready-to-wear wigs marketed worldwide.
Why should you have your own Jon Renau wig?
Jon Renau lace front wigs have a monofilament crown that builds the image of a natural hairline with strands of hair growing right from your scalp. You are free to part your hair as you wish, in any direction right, left, or center, with no fear that people around you will notice that you wear a wig.
The lace front cap is so sheer that remains undetectable and allows all kinds of swept back and off-the-face hairstyles. Each hair is hand-tied individually, one by one to the cap to mimic a life-like movement that enhances the realistic effect. The cap is breathable and lightweight, follows the contour of the head providing a safe fit, and creates the right ventilation to keep your scalp in good condition. The hair density is well balanced to avoid an unnatural appearance.
You can wear the wig the moment you purchase it because it is pre styled and looks great straight out of the box. Due to the innovative features of the cap, there is no need of any adhesives or tapes to put on the wig. However, if you feel that some extra security never hurts, then fasten the back with wig combs to firmly keep your wig in place.

Jon Renau Smart Lace Wigs include more than 20 brands such as Zara, Bowie, Jenny, Amber, Alia Petite, and many more. These wigs are customized to meet the particular requirements of different face shapes.
Zara Wig
Zara by Jon Renau is an amazing collection of long hairstyle wigs, available in average and large size cap. With a natural and glamorous look, Zara wig is one of the most wanted products signed by Jon Renau. The styling option is only up to you because this wig provides the length you have always dreamt of.
Bowie Wig
Bowie short lace front wigs are ideal for oval and round faces. The lace is about 4.5 inches wide and is extended from a temple to another. The material is gentle and breathable to prevent scalp problems.
Jenny Wig
With an open cap construction and soft layered short hairstyle, Jenny wig by Jon Renau works great for all face shapes. The wig has excellent ventilation keeping your head cool all day long.
Amber Wig
Amber is another pattern of long wig with soft waves and face framing bangs. Made of high quality fibers that keep their shape even on bad weather, Amber wig by Jon Renau is a remarkable choice at any time.

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