Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review on Sterling Grey Freshlook Color Contact Lenses

Sterling Grey Freshlook Color Contact Lenses are packaged in a box that includes two lenses one for each eye. The lenses can be used interchangeably on each eye. A storage case is not included in the box so we encourage shoppers to purchase a lens storage container with each contact lens purchase to ensure sterile storage after cleaning.
It is recommended that users purchase a cleaning solution for use with their Sterling Grey Freshlook product. Studies have shown that all non prescription contact lenses need to be stored in a cleaning solution when not in use. 
Daily Wear
Sterling Grey Freshlook Color Contacts are designed to be used for a short time during the day (5-8 hours) and should not be worn over night. These color contacts are fashion lenses only and for short term wear usually with cycles of 3 to 6 months. If you use the lenses over the stipulated period of time, your vision may begin to become blurry which is an indicator you have worn your lenses to long.  
Color Hues
The color of the product is excellent since it looks natural. It blends a gamut of color into one to create the witty and natural beautiful eyes on the user. The colors of the product are well pigmented. 
  • The product is cheap to buy
  • It will help boost your fashion sense
  • The contact lenses is highly attractive when used
  • It will also help to garner your natural beauty 
  • It is only used for short-term
  • The contact lens can be subjected to damage without any alert

Sterling GreyFreshlook color contact lenses can be worn on both dark and light eyes easily mask your original eye color. Users will like the liberty of enhanced convenience and crisp clear vision when using this product.

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